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Red Rock Canyonlands

Tough times for southern Utah’s red rock Canyonlands in 2019? You bet. But you may also be surprised at the progress we’re making despite the relentless Trump administration attacks. Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) members and supporters in the Duluth area have a great chance to learn what is happening and what can be done.

When: Sunday, November 17 at 11:30am – 1:30pm

Where: Duluth Superior Friends Meeting at 1802 E. 1st St.

The SUWA program includes its new award winning 15-minute film – Wild Utah: America’s Red Rock Wilderness – documenting the glory of the southern Utah’s canyonlands and the threats to their wild character. This journey through red rock splendor motivates viewers to participate in the movement to protect these unique and threatened public lands. The program will begin with a presentation of photographs and poetry evoking the past and present of the Bears Ears area. It is composed by John and Robin Greenler of the Madison (WI) Friends (Quaker) Meeting.

Hope to see you there,

Clayton Daughenbaugh, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Kingsbury Bay – Grassy Point Habitat Restoration

October 23, 2019 Update

PolyMet Mine

Here is a link to an excellent article on MNPost by former Governor Arne Carlson and Janet Entzel that clearly explains the hypocrisy of the idea that we can have PolyMet, but not the Twin Metals mine. The Ikes are on record clearly opposing both mine plans. Check out the section on "what would Willard Munger do" that outlines a common sense plan for how the state should be proceeding on this issue.