W.J. McCabe Chapter

Protecting the Public from Mercury in the St. Louis River Forum - Thursday Sep 18 5pm-9pm @ Clyde Iron Works, 2920 W Michigan St, Duluth, MN - Free and open to the public - no registration required

Citizens, advocates, and all those interested  in reducing mercury pollution in St. Louis River so that fish are safe for human consumption are invited to attend this public forum. The program will include a Science & History Panel, which will provide key information on the problem of mercury in the St. Louis River; a Policy Panel, with representatives for the US Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Natural Resources, Fond du Lac, and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; and a Peoples’ Congress, which will involve the audience to identify priorities in cleaning up the St. Louis River.

See Minnesota Environmental Partnership for more information.

Our next monthly meeting is Wednesday October 1, 7pm at the Hartley Nature CenterThey are all free and open to the public. Check back later for program details, or contact John Lindgren at 218-525-3754.

We have the results of the 2013 Membership Survey. See them here.

We have a new Issues and Activities display board that identifies current issues and activities that our chapter is involved in. It includes a list of volunteer opportunities for members and people to contact if you're interested in getting involved.


Here's the spring issue from the Minnesota State Izaak Walton League.

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The W.J. McCabe Chapter of the Izaak Walton League is a grassroots environmental organization that has worked for decades to protect the natural resources of Duluth and greater Minnesota. We take a common-sense approach towards protecting our country's natural heritage and work to improve outdoor recreation opportunities for all.